Light Up Events

Are you organising a function to impress your guests? Do you want that extra magical touch that will have everyone talking? Ladies! Your wedding will glow with these gorgeous trees. These cherry blossom and willow trees are absolutely stunning. (Cleary I am memorised by their little buds and leaves that look like chiselled ice taken from a fantasy land.) I couldn’t stop taking photographs of them!!

It’s amazing to see a beautiful and elegantly prepared function room, that you would never think could look any more picture perfect, rise to a new level of astounding until Light Up Events assemble there captivating LED lights. It’s one to see these photographs but another to see them in real light. Find them at talk to Linda & Trent who are so very accommodating and understanding of your every need.

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1 Response to Light Up Events

  1. Linda says:

    Wow Kristy Lee the photos are breath taking you really have an amazing talent. I can’t recommend Bada Bing Photography high enough. Thanks Linda- LightUp Events

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