Wedding Album Display

A glamorous day, a celebration for two

Family and friends are there for YOU!

Trinkets, sparkles, and two hearts alight

So gorgeous to capture a day of delight.

Wedding two souls together as one

A significant journey has just begun.

Photographs to capture a day all aglow

A gorgeous album to love, hold and to show!

Photographs are so wonderful, they reunite us with a moment in time, they take us to that special place to remember that sound, smell, feeling and that warmth.  Photographs start conversations and laughter and they share common bonds.

An album places these images into a story where each has their special place on a page.  Some photographs are a small part of a large memory and some are one large statement by themselves.

The albums I deliver are carefully placed together to represent your signature day. A day of celebration that you will have, hold and pass down through the generations.  Consider the importance of photographs. They tell a tale, show an era, a history, a style, a fingerprint of who you were when you united with your soul mate. Wouldn’t you want them to last for generations? Archival quality albums and prints, hand bound with only the best materials, will keep your memories safe, and looking absolutely stunning.


The handcrafted album below is presented with printed album box (photographic print is optional).  All albums are presented beautifully with gold ribbon, gloves and a certificate of authenticity.

central coast wedding album

With a choice of many cover materials. This album has an acrylic photograph with pearlised print. The binding is superior to other albums.

bells at kilcare

Each page is custom designed by Kristy Lee.  Photographs are not placed into pre-designed templates as your day is unique. Each album is designed individually. The opening page below demonstrates a subtle entry to the album, displaying some unique qualities of the surroundings.

Bada Bing Photography

Image size has no limits due to the custom keyholes. Sometimes a symmetrical look is nice.

bells at kilcare by bada bing photography

Sometimes a segment of your day is best designed with balance rather than symmetry.

bada bing photography

Special moments grouped together capture a common theme.

bada bing photography

This album has bevelled keyholes in black linen matt. The right page is a magazine page for added boldness and glamour.

magazine album bada bing photography

A double sided magazine look can make images stand out.  Although it is still two images they are of the same colourings and become united as they are a complete glossy finish right to the edge of the page.

bada bing photography

This illustrates the same double page magazine look, however, uses one image extended right to the edges of the album. Notice the album sits flush, due to the handcrafted binding. There is no risk of album distortion, tearing, creasing or lack of colour in the creased area as there is no crease. This is a stunning statement for an album.

bada bing photography

Some images require a large area of display but are from a different moment from the day. So a surrounding matt helps showcase the images effectively.

bada bing photography

Some images require particular groupings to best showcase the colours and finer details of your wedding.

wedding cake at bells kilcare bada bing photography

Although I like to keep my images with a traditional style, sometimes it’s nice to mix colours to give images a lift or their own identity. Again, I have finished the album as I started with some small images of the surroundings and of course the glamorous couple at their fairytale wedding.

wedding lights at bells kilcare by bada bing photography

An album will take your already wonderful images to the next level.  This album is a Bada Bing Photography display album and is available for viewing. Please contact Kristy Lee for more information.

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