SVR Racing gets line honours at Bridge to Bridge

The beautiful Hawkesbury River was decorated with the fastest of the fast boats last week, all with the one goal, to become the fastest boat in Bridge to Bridge. (Brooklyn Bridge and Windsor Bridge)

Not a photography job but a family support team for friend Shane Vella, the yella fella driving the Formula One Superboat in the Super Class at the B2B event.  My gorgeous hubby Matty Garner, previous Formula One Superboat driver of team Arizona and marine mechanic (Mattrix Marine), teamed up with two other Pitt crew members Luke  and Rod to ensure Shane and his boat made it down the river super fast and super safe.

Here are some happy snaps of the day.

Matt and Rod were loaded into the chopper as Matt worked the two-way to as the eye in the sky and on site mechanic and Rod was the the emergency diver who was suited up with dive tank just in case the unfortunate happened and Shane needed to be pulled from an unturned vessel. Luke who looks after the boat maintenance and care had to get the boat in the water, then drive the trailer to the finish line knowing the boat would probably beat him there! He also has two-way communication.

First boat around the bend!  Well done SVR. I love how you can’t see the boat but you can see the white watch that stretches around the bend. The average speed of the boat down the river was 210km/hr. The SVR Crew, Rod, Luke, Matt and Shane.

My little man Brae gets some time in the F1 boat as the crew watch the onboard Go Pro Hero 2 footage.

The lads.

The Good Luck cake turns into a celebration cake.

The boys devour their celebration cake in true style.

My gorgeous family.

Brae’s boots get Bridge to Bridge #1 signing.

Cameron Vella races up the river on one ski!  (very fit Vella Fella) as proud Dad, Shane, watches on.

I love how the boats are towed down the river to the ramp like a little duck line (I’m sure they would be impressed with me saying that. lol)

Off shore boat Maritimo

A few happy snaps of the finer details before the end of the day.

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2 Responses to SVR Racing gets line honours at Bridge to Bridge

  1. Shane Vella says:

    Go Bada Bing Photography awesome photos and thanks for your massive effort and allowing your man Matty to be part of my dream !! He has moved mountain to help me and i thank him from the bottom my heart ! you guys are an awesome and loving family ! and no me and matty
    are not married (as yet anyway )

  2. ha ha haaaaa. Who knows maybe you two have been to Vegas . . . It’s good to see you with a big smile on your face. x

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