Display Album – parent album

An album that is small but grand in style

Presentation is key and this album wins by a mile.

An album to showcase a story line or theme

With magazine style pages it’s the cutest I have seen.




A little album in a gorgeous boutique box with ribbon handle   (8inch by 6inch horizontal)


Boutique box very sturdy as is the hand crafted spine and pages of album.


Pages are strong and lined with the highest archival quality print.


Each page opens flush due to hand crafted spine.  No creasing of pages, discolouration or tearing.


Page sides may be treated as individual or be united as one double sided print. Pages may also be divided into several images.


Front and back are also with image. It’s a gorgeous little album that I love to use for a special magical time.


The whole album is displayed below but is also available for your viewing if you contact Kristy Lee at www.badabingphotography.com.au


 Album Cover  – outer single page.

Bada Bing Photography

The inner single page

Bada Bing Photography

Each image illustrates both left and right side pages.

Bada Bing Photography

Bada Bing Photography

Bada Bing Photography

Chickens with Bada Bing Photography

Easter Time

Bada Bing Album Display

the chook shed

peak a boo

Bada Bing Photography


Bada Bing Photography

last page – single inner

Ducks and Chickens

outer cover single page. x

Easter buckets

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