Chickens and chairs

Two gorgeous little peeps, Callumn and Blaire,

Some coloured seats for the two to share,

Some chickens thrown in just for fun,

What a glorious day and a happy mum!



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BADA BING a Blog to Bling!!! It has happened!!! Kristy Lee has entered the world of blog! And the most wonderful way for me to start such an array would be to introduce to you my family at play. So here they are on a day of leisure take a look at the ones I treasure.

Welcome to the hearts of Bada Bing.  These beautiful people are the ones that have inspired me to see the world the way I do. I love them and they will always have a special place in my heart.

In search for the ghost crab . . . whoooooooo (say with a scary ghost voice)

It wouldn’t be Bada Bing without some Bling.

This is me with my cutie patooties

Pitt Water scenery on the Central Coast


The perfect ending to a perfect day.

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