Karen & Rod’s Shagadelic Wedding at The Entrance,Central Coast

What do you do when your sister gets married and you’re in the bridal party?  Naghhh, you still take photos . . . .  but if you’re really nice to your husband . . . he will take some too.

I bet you haven’t seen a wedding like this one before

Introducing Karen & Rod’s Shagadelic Wedding at The Entrance – April 21st 2012

This hair creator was crazy good.

Karen Dyer Makeup . . . awesome

Let’s begin the walk

What an Entrance . . . huh . . . get it! (It’s at the Entrance on the Central Coast)

Good shot hubby. x

The girls receive their rings . . . what a lovely gesture.

Sharing their kind words.

The guests were HaPpEnInG!!!!  You’re all so funky!!!!

The Faulkner family.

Hippy Chicks

Groovy Groovesmen

Linked with Loooooooove.

Free Hugs Duuuudes.

Bicycle Babe.

Love this.

My little peeps.  So glad I ate the corn spears and tuna . . . The passionfruit pulp is still in the fridge . . . (for the cans guys . . . the cans . . . )

Fun stuff.

Wifey is away . . . hubby will play.

The cake.

Don’t forget Ebony!!! (the dog)

Rod playin’ a beat.

Shakin’ it on the Shagfloor

Oh how funny to be caught out by our squeals of laughter. (She thought we were children)

The best parents anyone could ever have.  Love you guys. xoxoxox (Hi, Uncle Noel)

Who’s shoes?

Love the little touches here and there.

STOPPING traffic.

Oh, what a night . . . . wishing them a world of happiness. xoxox

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